Our Team And Partners

About Us

We are a team of Snowsport enthusiasts with a passion to deliver the best service to you. Between us and our partner resorts there is more than a century worth of on snow experience. We deliver successful courses and holidays due to our diverse background of experience within the tourism, instruction, coaching, digital and development industries...and each team member has a daily addiction to making all things better!

Team Snow Rehab

Gordon Hodge

Managing Director

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Gordon Hodge Skiing

Gordo finds a way to make things happen for everyone.

  • CSIA Level 3 Ski
  • CSIA Level 2 Teach
  • Snowboarder
  • Multiple Winter Seasons
  • Self Confessed Snow Addict

Nuno Reis

Snow Rehab Instructor - Revelstoke

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Nuno, 'The Portuguese Master of Pow' was formerly a Snow Rehab course participant, a self confessed adrenalin addict, and he has now found himself permanently in Rehab

  • CASI Level 2 Snowboard
  • Multiple Winter Seasons
  • Technologically Adaptive - But Good In The Backcountry!

Cammy Price

Snow Rehab Instructor - Big White

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Cammy Price in Big White

Formerly a diesel mechanic, Cammy now plies his trade on the Mountain of Big White. First learning to ride at 21, he is now living the dream.

  • CASI Level 2 Snowboard
  • CASI Level 1 Park Snowboard
  • Multiple Winter Seasons Worldwide

Our Partners At Big White

Jamie Forbes

Snowboard Technical Co-ordinator

Big White Logo

Jamie Forbes Snowboarding

Originaly from the UK Jamie has been Coaching every winter for ever.

  • CASI Level 4
  • CASI Level 3 Evaluator
  • CASI Park Evaluator

Josh Foster

Director Of Snow Sports

Big White Logo

Josh Foster Skiing

Josh has over 27 years experience in snowsports.

  • CSIA Level 4 Senior Examiner
  • CSCF High Performance Coach
  • 2007 CSIA Interski Team Member - Korea
  • PSIA Trainer Accreditation
  • Chair - CSIA British Columbia Committee
  • Chair - Snowsports Schools Division - CWSAA
  • Ski Tips Presenter/Writer - S Media Television

Bob Cassons

Assistant Director of Snowsports

Big White Logo

Bob Cassons and Team

Aka 'Clip Board Bob'. Bob runs the daily management of the instructor/coach team at Big White SKi Resort

  • CSIA Level 3 Teach
  • CSIA Level 2 Ski
  • CSCF Level 1
  • CASI Level 1
  • APSI Adaptive Level 1

Our Partners At Revelstoke

Justin Garey

Revelstoke Ski & Snowboard Coach

Revelstoke Logo

Justin Garey at Revelstoke

All we need to say about Justin is he is the fastest man on ski's in Canada with a record of 234.5kph(146.5mph).

  • CASI Level 4
  • CASI Level 1 Course Conductor
  • CSIA Level 3
  • CANSI Telemark Level 3
  • CSCF Level 1 Coach
  • Park Pipe Freestyle

Ian Morrisson

Director Of Revelstoke Outdoor Centre

Revelstoke Logo

Ian Morrison and Team

Ian has been in the snow sports industry since the winter season 1991/92 and has excelled in his career along the way. He has global recognistion within the snowsports industry.

  • CSIA Level 4 Instructor
  • CSIA Evaluator
  • CSCF Level 2 Coach

Angus Duncan McLean Wilson

Revelstoke Snowboard Coach

Revelstoke Logo

Angus Duncan McLean Wilson

Angus doesn't like to have anything said about him. He'd rather just show you on snow.

  • CASI Level 3
  • CASI Level 1 Course Conductor
  • CAA Level 1 Profesional Member
  • CSGA Level 1 Guide
  • AST Instructor

Our Health Advisors

Rachel Catherwood

Physioherapist At First Class Physiotherapy

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Rachel Catherwood

Rachel was awarded the Greater Glasgow Health Board Prize for Clinical Practice - she is sure to fix you up ready for your mountain experience.

  • Sports Injury
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Occupational Health
  • Sports Massage

Jennifer Semple

Physiotherapist At First Class Physiotherapy

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Jennifer Semple

Jennifer was awarded a CSP Scottish Board Prize for Academic Achievement - so she'll make sure you are ready for your fix of snow.

  • Sports Injury
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Massage

Holly Hodge

Diet and Nutrition Advisor for Its Nutrition

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It's Nutrition, Not Rocket Science

All you need to know about Holly is she knows what will fuel you correctly for hours on snow.

  • Diet and Nutrition Level 3 Diploma
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor
  • Weight Management Consultant Level 3 Diploma

Calumn Duthie

Personal Trainer

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Calumn Duthie Snowboarding

Calumn has had many years working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. He is also a qualified snowboard instructor and with this knowledge he knows what it takes to get you snow fit in time for your wicked snow filled adventure..

  • BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science
  • Personal Trainer
  • CASI Snowboard Lvl 2 Instructor
  • CASI Snowboard Lv1 1 Freestyle Instructor