7 Perks Of Doing A Season With Your Partner

If you're lucky enough to share your love of snow sports with your partner don't be scared to venture out to the mountains as a couple! One of our favourite Snow Rehab couples, Sam and Yvette, are doing their winter season together for the first time and we thought we'd give them a taster of what to expect, so we've compiled 7 reasons why taking a skiing baecation together is the way to go. Got anymore? Add them to the comments!

Sam And Yvette Doing A Season Together


1. There's always someone to carry your equipment

Your boyfriend has been training all year for this challenge... carrying all of your bags through an airport!

2. No more awkward body heat hugs!

Your partner will always be there to provide warmth so you don't have to snuggle up next to the random drunkard who you took under your wing at the bar.

3. My hats and goggles are your hats and goggles!

Somehow by the end of the season your hat collection will be twice as big as it was when your season started. Score.

4. You don't have to waste your best apres ski chat-up lines just to be rejected.

Although "my accommodation has wi-fi and a hot tub" usually works regardless...

5. Your socks will be so sweaty after a day skiing your partner will be forced to pick them up for you!

If you still love them after you smell their feet after a long day, you're meant for each other!

6. You have your own personal masseuse

"I'll do you for 5 minutes then you do me." 

7. And finally, you can help each other get better at what you love to do...

Editor's note: And no, we don't mean between the sheets...