7 Reasons Revelstoke Was Voted Canada's Best Ski Resort 2016

Finally! Revelstoke is getting the praise it deserves. At this year's 4th annual World Ski Awards ceremony, Revelstoke was voted Canada's BEST Ski Resort for 2016. Revy beat Whistler Blackcomb, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Mont Tremblant among others. So what makes Revelstoke so great you ask? Well...

1. It's the resort with the most vertical in North America!

Riding Revelstoke terrain challenges everyone from entry level to even some of the best skiers/snowboarders in the industry, probably why many major ski competitions are held here, but that sense of accomplishment after a day on a mountain of this magnitude is like nothing else!

2. There is an insane amount of snowfall each season!

If you love deep powder Revelstoke is for you. Last season they saw 1028cm and this season is shaping up to be just as good!

3. The town is awesome.

Revelstoke gives off a downtown hipster vibe. The town has lots of awesome bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. The perfect place to hang out after a long day on the mountain!

4. The locals will make you feel welcome right away!

Canadians are known for being nice people, and the Revelstoke locals are no exception. They're pretty funny too!

5. Revelstoke is the place to go for the ultimate backcountry experience.

6. And yes, you can go cat-skiing!

7. And snowmobiling...

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