7 Things We Miss About Winter

Wishing it was winter already? With all the snow gone and only last years edits to tide us over until the white stuff starts falling again, it's time to reminisce about the season passed... From getting some fresh lines to cruising the park with your mates, we have compiled a list of our top seven things we really miss about winter!

1. This feeling.


There really is nothing better than earning your turns and hoovering up a few face shots on the way down.

2. Park laps with your boys.


Okay, this must have felt pretty awesome too.

3. Making backyard jibs, even though they usually turn out like this:


This, maybe not so awesome... but you need some good bail footage for that edit your working on.

4. Or... Just chilling infront of an open fire.

high five

Remember to take some time out, chill... and watch hours of GoPro footy of the boys.

5. Sledging...


Well, yes there is always sledging.

6. Wearing warm winter coats and being cozy all day.

high five

"Is that next seasons?"

7. The race to catch last lift at the end of the day...


So you can brag about it later in the pub... don't be that guy.