7 Ways To Get Fitter For Winter

It's never too early to start working on your fitness for this coming season! The guys at Teton Gravity have put together a series of simple, effective workouts you can do at home or with simple equipment that will make a serious difference in your turning, endurance, and strength to get you ready for this winter! Beefing up your sport-specific training regime increases injury prevention too! With our personal trainer Calumn Duthie on hand there's no excuse, get the gym and make the most out of your time on snow!

1. Let's start with an easy one... The plank:


Source: Teton Gravity Research
A simple exercise, targeting your core, and also working on shoulders. Hold for 20-60 seconds at a time. Remember to keep your pelvis tilted. You should feel this exercise in your core muscles and shoulders, if your back hurts you need to lower until you feel it in your core again.

2. Add a twist to the classic... Plank walk up:


Planks are a simple exercise, which target your core and work on your shoulders simultaneously. The Walkup plank intensifies it a little bit.

3. When regular sit ups just won't cut it, there's the single arm kettlebell sit up:


Lie flat on your back and grab a dumbbell and straighten the arm holding it above your shoulder straight in the air. Proceed to do a sit up, sit all the way up, weighted arm still straight in air, hold it for a second or two, and return to your starting position to finish one situp, slowly and controlled. For this exercise keep neck in line with spine at all time.

4. While you've got that kettlebell out... Single leg deadlifts:

high five

This exercise works on the posterior chain, whilst also targeting your muscles used for stability, all the way through your calves and ankles. This is essential for those of you spending a whole winter on skis or a snowboard.

5. Work those glutes with half back squats:

half back squats

This exercise is great for working on your posterior chain. Targeting your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, whilst also working on the strength of your back. Good form is paramount - this exercise is for confident weight lifters, if you aren’t experienced, seek advice before attempting this.

6. Keep it simple with hippy-hops:


This exercises works your aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously and all you need is a box! Try 30 seconds of hippity hops, and 30 seconds rest, for 10 minutes.

7. Whatever you're doing... have fun!


But seriously, it should be fun! Get out there and enjoy yourself! Check out the full Teton Gravity blog for the full videos or head on over to our facebook page or request a brochure for more information on our pre season fitness programs and personal trainers!