Backcountry Skiing on a Sled

blog-number7-backcountry-skiing-on-a-sledThe 'ultimate' bucket list for snow addicts...No.7!

The Snow Rehab Bucket List continues this Monday afternoon with another backcountry focused activity with backcountry riding with a sled!

When it comes to snowsports, there can be nothing more exhilarating and free than firing around the backcountry on a snow mobile.  For those that are unfamiliar, think quad bike with a caterpillar track and skis for steering.  Snowmobiles were initially designed for travelling across distances and deep snow that regular and bigger vehicles could not cope with.  As time has progressed they have left their roots as vehicles to transport supplies to assistance in sporting, hunting and recreational pursuits.

Now we have the Winter X-Games where snowmobile riders show off some of the most ridiculous stunts previously only held by moto-x riders.

The beauty of building a kicker in the backcountry is that the consequences that are prevalent in the park are next to non-existent in the powder!  Where landing on your head in the terrain park may grant you a quick trip in a blood-wagon, doing so in a few feet of powder assures you of nothing more than a cold head of a bruised ego.  Though snow mobiles could well be called the jet skis of the mountain, they have far fewer of the over-zealous, noisy and dangerous connotations of their water-based friends.  Either way, we think they're awesome, and we'd certainly own one if we lived in Canada!  Can you think of a cooler way for picking up your messages from the local supermarket? We can't!

The other beauty of snow mobiles appears to be that even when there's no snow around, one can still have fun!  Have a look at this video from last year!

Although we far from recommend you try this at home (indeed we haven't included this in our Bucket List top 10- though have a look out for out Top 10 World Records to come later in the year!) we think you can nevertheless appreciate the pure undiluted insanity of it.

Should the kickers, jumps and backcountry skiing not be for you, then why not opt for a less noisy and more environmental friendly sled?  Dog sled tours and experiences are available with some Snow Rehab packages this winter!