Become an Instructor

blog-number-1-become-an-instructorThe 'ultimate' bucket list for snow addicts...No.1

Deciding on our number one bucket list entry has been incredibly hard, tempers have frayed and a virtual no fire zone imposed across the table...  With the help of a moderator and a call to focus we finally landed on consensus.  Our number one dream is...  To become a ski instructor and follow the snow!

Why Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor?

For those who love snow, short of being a millionaire- becoming a ski instructor is the only way to ensure spending time on the cold white stuff every day.  Ask any teacher what the perks of their job is and you'll hear that job satisfaction is a widely held aspect of the job.  Though lesson plans are present in both school teaching and coaching on snow- you'll be happy to know that there's no marking to be taken home!  As you get more experienced in the role, you'll be given stronger classes, perhaps even to the point where an instructor in our office spent most of his second season instructing cliff jumping with his classes!  After all, if the charges in your care are safe and having fun- then they'll be learning too!

Instructing can be incredibly rewarding, and the pay isn't bad either! Depending on where you work (and your ability to sell yourself plus a little luck) some days you can easily match your day's wages in tips!

Teaching skiing is a dynamic job where every day is different.  You'll make friends for life and can travel the world with your job.  There might even be time to make a viral Youtube video...

Becoming a Ski or Snowboard Instructor

For many, the first hurdle is into instructing is the one that puts them off.  It need not be so!  After all, most skiers have tried some 'instruction' at some stage or another, the difference is that the training just gives you the proper demo and teaching tools to make your experience and skills effective.  What makes a good instructor is as much about communication and 'people skills' as it is about ripping down double blacks and spinning through the park.  Anyone can carve down a steep black.  It's the ability to carve down the mellowest of greens and blues that shows really how good you are.

Nevertheless, we all get things wrong from time to time, we're human after all!  Even those with the best eye for ability can't contend for every eventuality- sometime kids just do the unexpected. Even experienced instructors might experience a runaway train now and again!

Becoming a ski instructor with CSIA (internationally recognised certificates) level 1, 2 or 3 and all you need to worry about is getting to the airport on time!  We cover flights, transfers, accomodation, training and even meals during the week! If Carlsberg did training regimes, they'd find we'd got there first!

Once you're a qualified instructor you can then head off and apply to the resorts and areas you want to work. Outside of France, a Canadian Level 2 qualification is enough to work at ski schools in almost any country in the world!  Either choose to follow the snow down under or to South America and return (maybe to the same resort that trained you!?) or head elsewhere to the States or back across to Europe.  Once the certification is yours, the world is truly your oyster.