Ben Harrison Case Study

ben-harrison-case-study2015 is fast approaching – why not set yourself a new challenge, like Ben, one of our 12-week programme alumni, did last year…?

Ben, what was it you were doing before you joined Snow Rehab for a Snowboard Instructor Course?

Before I discovered SR I was doing an electrical apprenticeship. Once I decided I wanted a new adventure and to become a snowboard instructor, I had a look at several of the companies that offer instructor programmes in Canada. SR stood out for me mainly because of the communication between Gordon, the owner, and myself; it was quick and because I am from Australia, he went out of his way to make special adjustments to the programme for me.



Favourite: This is near impossible as there were no dull moments in the entirety of the three months. However, to narrow it down, it would have to be riding untouched powder in the morning, or some of the organized activities, such as regular ice hockey games on the ice rink at Big White.

Embarrassing: Of all the moments it would have to be my first night on the ice rink….being an alpha male and looking like Bambi on ice is not a cool look!

Stuck in a lift with

If I were to be stuck in a lift with any of the instructors at the Ski School, as good as they all are, it would have to be one of our snowboard trainers, Fraser – he was just so chilled and friendly, whilst remaining enthusiastic and motivating.

Your overall experience…

If I were to describe my experience in three words it would be:

  1. Impulsive
  2. Freedom
  3. Unforgettable

I had such a great time and I have consistent withdrawal symptoms from SR whilst many of my fellow Snow Rehab-ers are pursuing their SR qualifications with further seasons, I am setting up my electrical company back home, whilst going green with envy! Keep it up SR! ?