Big White Week 1 2013

Big White Week 1 2013So, all the guys from Australia and the Asian continent set off on their epic adventure first, whilst the UK guys followed the day after.

Things with the UK trip seemed to run smoothly after the confusion of our meeting place, but once everyone had been rounded up the trip was ready to begin. Fourteen strangers from all walks of life all meeting together for the first, aging from 18 to 62, it was like the first day at school. Some of whom will end up friends for a long time to come.

Upon arrival to Calgary airport time for a little bit of lunch, or with the time difference was it evening meal, whatever it was it was far from healthy and a couple of well deserved beers were had! This only followed after the bags were dropped off for the connecting flight with West Jet.......big thanks to those guys for making it easy and very smooth.

Flight to Kelowna flew in (get it), jump on the coach up to Big White where the white stuff was waiting.......oh yeah and the Aussie contingent all sitting in their hot tub as the welcoming committee waving and cheering us as we got off the coach! Thanks to those guys for making everyone welcome.

Everyone knew what rooms they were in and who they were sharing with so it was just a matter of getting everyone as comfortable as possible and as quickly as we could, girls first obviously, then the others, and as far as we are aware the 2013 Snow Rehab crew of students we seriously stoked with the accommodation they will be calling home for the next 12 weeks.

Sunday morning a quick meeting to introduce everyone to the hill which was held in the Bullwheel courtesy of Al Reid with some nice coffee, fruit Juice and pastries to help everyone settle in. With that out of the way, down to the ticket desk to pick up season passes and out on to the hill for a slide.

Big White Week 1 2013Looking at the way most of the guys are boarding or skiing we know that the first group of Snow Rehab participants at Big White are a strong group. Ok so there was the incident where Gemma lost a pole on the 3rd lift of the day, so like good people we all went to look for it......but it had gone. Big thanks to Steven who was really nice and lent her a pair until she could source some new ones. Was that the last incident of the day........er no, 6ft 5inch tall Matt decided to nick some poor little kids pole after lunch which he had to go take back! All in all a good introduction to the hill and everyone had a smile on their face.

Sunday evening Deborah and Bruce arrived.......where we had a little worry when Andy called to say that Bruce had arrived on his own.....but Deborah was there and 2 more were added to our crew.

Monday morning all the guys met at the VCM for a photo shoot, met the coaches for the week and got out for their first week training. All went well and there were smiles all round.

The food seems to be going down well at the Moose lounge and all the guys are eating together instead of going down in little groups.

Tuesday night some ice hockey was played with John skating like bambi on ice and Jamie thinking he was on a trial for the Vancouver Canucks! The girls sat by the open fire and Bridget was happy to click away on her camera.

Week one ended with only one incident where Andrew managed to give himself a black eye, which we believe was from clipping his front edge!

Bring on week 2..........to be continued!!