Big White Week 2 2013

course-diaries-big-white-week-2-2013Week two had a fragile start for some, as we started lessons on the Sunday with only having one day to recover from hang over’s and a hard first week up on the hill. The weekend had been a heavy one as it was our first Friday, first Saturday and then ‘Sunday doubles’ at the Moose Lounge so we had to hit up Big White in style!

We now know that the lifestyle of a ski and snowboard instructor is going to be a good, but hard one.....burning the candle at both ends!

Monday was a very fun day, us snowboarders had a video analysis session, so we got to shred, then watched back the footage to see how we all could improve. Also Ben and I invented musical chair lifts, where we would sing as loud as possible and let everyone enjoy our lovely voices. We even managed to get Dennis to join in, now that’s an accomplishment.

ice-hockeyTuesday night was the start of Instructor VS. Student ice hockey matches. At first there was only a few playing, then Lauren (twinkle toes) and myself (Bridget) decided to get involved. As soon as I stepped on the ice I could feel the tension and fear from the other players as I’m such a mean hockey player and amazing on the ice (I’m really not). Overall it was really fun and can’t wait to get involved again next week.

Wednesday was a tough morning for the snowboarders, as we were running through our knowledge of teaching all day and trying to perfect and improve our skills. Once we had finished our teaching Cody let us play, as it had been dumping snow all day, so we hit up a few tree runs. The skiers headed over to Black Forest for some powder runs and better visibility. The snow was a good depth and it was nice to experience some Canadian ‘pow’!

snowboardersThursday was our last day of lessons, which meant Fun Day, with fresh powder on the hill, tree runs were in order. It was a great day of riding with the group, but I must say some people were getting too friendly with the trees, but it was all fun and games until a certain someone clipped an edge and knocked themself out (cough Deborah cough). After a stressful hour, Deborah was taken off the hill and taken to Hospital, but all was fine with just a concussion......this is why you should ride with a helmet.

Moving onto the weekend most of the Snow Rehab team was on an Avalanche course, which left only 5 of us with the weekend free. I personally had a very lazy Saturday (just what the doctor ordered)! Then on Sunday, Jamie took Lauren down to Happy Valley for a snowboard lesson to practice his teaching and help Lauren gain another life skill. I went with my camera to get some shots, and to observe the fun, overall Jamie was a very good teacher and Lauren is a natural on a snowboard!

Week 3 looks like things will just get better and better!