Big White Week 3 2013

bigwhite2013week3Monday brought us fresh powder, so everyone used the opportunity to brush up on some tree runs.  This brought great amusement to our new instructors, as they seemed to notice a few tired skiers!

Sunday being a good night out, not everyone was so keen on the bumps and avoiding the rather solid trees. So we thought it would be a good idea to cover the weeks material early on, so had practice lessons and ran through lesson plans with each other down in happy valley on Tuesday.

bigwhite2013week3dropBy Wednesday everyone had got the idea of how to wedge turn and had run out of games to play on the magic carpet so we moved back on to the slopes.

Thursday night was quiz night and Team Snow Rehab dominated winning first and second place, which put everyone in a good mood, knowing we had 75 dollars prize money to spend at the weekend.

Friday saw a good wipe out from Lauren, after following so close behind the instructor she didn’t see the large compression coming her way. Steve being a gentleman came to her rescue, helping her up and fell over himself, the irony of the situation made everyone laugh. It was Kathryn’s first week and she dealt with the challenging conditions really well. Matt had a good cliff jump although no one videoed it, despite 3 of the group having Go Pros on!

The snowboarders had a similar week, spending a few days down in happy valley brushing up on their teaching skills. Wednesday was full of drama as one of the snowboarders went the wrong way and a search party was sent out to find her. When we got home she was having a cup of tea! Their instructor taught them a new drill of F YOU turns, which were well received I hear. Bridget had a fall and hurt her knee Monday morning, so was out for the week, cabin fever set in and the girls apartment has never been so clean!

bigwhite2013week3skiersOn the weekend most of the team took part in a first aid course. Nearly everyone passed. Although if anyone gets something stuck in their eye, or knocked out Robbo will know what to do! Everyone else  headed to Kelowna to pick up food and do a spot of shopping.

A great week had by all and everyone is looking forward to next week, it’s our final preparation for our level one!