Big White Week 4 2013

course-diaries-week-4-big-white-2013Monday was a lovely bluebird day, which was an awesome way to start the week. The snowboarders (minus three who where hungover) were doing a mock level one with instructor Fraser, that involved riding standards in the morning just to get back our legs, then in the afternoon we headed down to Happy Valley (beginners terrain) where we got shown the Quick Ride one more time. The skiers were going back over Fast Track to Parallel, (ski instructor lingo) and then carried on skiing, as it was such a nice day.

course-diaries-week-4-big-white-2013-jamieTuesday was another bluebird day, so we all done what we do best and shredded the mountain, this time due to no hangovers everyone was out on the hill. The snowboarders started practising their first teaching session, which got the nerves going as everything was becoming very real and the fact that the exams are coming next week has hit home. 

course-diaries-week-4-big-white-2013-aliWednesday everyone had a teaching day, so we could get up to the standards, there wasn’t much skiing or snowboarding but we didn’t mind, as it was all good practice. Wednesday night seems to always be a big night for the Snow Rehab team, we all go to the Bullwheel and then to Sam’s who either have a band or DJ on which gets everyone on the dance floor. But the real story of the night is about ‘Sam’s Pies’ apparently it is the MUST HAVE of the week. There is always an argument over the last pie......and we are sure someone bribed the reserve on the last one for $20......they are good but not that good!

course-diaries-week-4-big-white-2013-openThursday we finished the mock exam so everyone got back to just having fun on the hill. Thursday night was quiz night and Team Snow Rehab dominated again winning $50. So overall we now have $135 of drinking money, which is being saved for a big night out. 

Friday it started snowing, so tree runs were in order all day, followed by a good old drinking session in the Bullwheel and Sam’s later......leaving most people in bed on the Saturday morning with the exception of a few skiers who had to be back on the Hill for their CSCF, level 1 race coach exam. Good to hear it was a 100% success for those candidates.

The weekend was the tamest weekend yet with everyone either chilling out in hot tubs in the condos or out having a gentle ski. 

Sunday night was a very early and quiet night in watching a film (no doubles down at the Moose Lounge), as everyone had to be up and ready by 8am to start the Level 1 exam. There was also some last minute cramming of information.......or some serious study time for others who had fallen behind due to excessive partying over the past four weeks.