Big White Week 6 2013

bigwhiteweek62013blogAfter four days off celebrating our level 1 success, we began training for our level 2 exam. For the skiers this started with a silent lesson from Luc, our instructor for the week, who wanted to show us how useful body language can be rather than talking all the time. It was a great morning and encouraged us to feel the movements as we skied, though the silent stops on the side of the mountain made for a really noisy lunch break.Training over the next few days we learnt that Luc must have found it just as difficult to be silent as we did on that first morning.

He was full of energy and was particularly excited about teaching us his ‘wango tango’ drill where you move your hips from side to side to work on pressure control and feel the correct movement as you ski. The boys seemed to show a lot of enthusiasm for shaking their hips down the hill, even though they looked pretty ridiculous, while the girls just enjoyed watching the boys attempt the wango tango. We finished the week with Christian who worked on developing our skiing over different terrain. When the visibility worsened we made a group decision to head to the Bullwheel and drink, which was a welcome ending to really great week!

bigwhite2013week6ski-snowboarder sThe boarders had a very ride heavy week, concentrating on mileage and building strengths in their weaker areas. For some the ride heavy week was interpreted differently and also accounted for an absence or two in the mornings (generally an excuse, the real reason being partying!).

Over the weekend a few of us did a swap day where the skiers boarded and visa versa. This did mean returning to the bunny hill and learning a new sport from scratch but it was a good start and some of us are now enjoying the progress of a different sport. It also gave us the opportunity to teach our friends and use our new qualifications. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night all felt like they blended into one, but it generally started with “I’ll come out for one drink” and ended at some early hour with a hazy recollection in the morning.

bigwhite2013week6indoors sThe Snow Rehab team organised a fun race day on the Sunday where ex world Cup racer and Canadian Champion, Edith Rozsa came along to set up the course and give some advice. The snowboarders and skiers were paired to race a dual course and goggles and t-shirts were awarded in The Bullwheel at the end of the day. Al from the Bullwheel kindly donated some pints to be downed by the winner.

Monday morning, we were all fresh and well rested for another week of training…..