Bridget Branagan-Freeman #My Winter

“bridget-powder1"Ever thought about going on an instructor course but wanted to know what really goes on? We hooked up with past course participant Bridget Branagan-Freeman to hear her insight on course life. After successfully completing her CASI Level 1 and 2 with us last year, she has just been offered a position in Big White this season!

Firstly, what inspired you to become an instructor?

When I first started Snowboarding it was always the highlight of the year to go to the Alps, I thought it would be so cool to be an instructor as a job. One day I was looking online and came across instructor courses and was very surprised that it was actually something I could do - I could have my dream job! So I just went ahead and booked, I didn't really have any expectations I was just excited to be in Canada for 3 months!

bridget-cryingWhat was the best day you had on the mountain?

I was lucky enough to spend two seasons in Big White (...unlucky due to a knee injury!) and I love the place, it's like one big family! The best day on the mountain had to be the second last day of lessons before our Level 2 exam, everyone was on edge and over thinking lessons and the exam. We had a massive fresh dump of snow so our instructor Dom just said: "Screw it, lets ride" and we did indeed ride all day. We rode fresh tracks all day, launched ourselves off everything from cliffs to fallen trees. There was a fair bit of rolling around in the snow too, it was awesome!

The thing I miss most about the course has to be the people, we had a great bunch and everyone got on so well. There are so many stories to tell about what we got up to. The instructors are definitely what make the course so enjoyable, they are there to teach and make sure you know everything about the sport  and challenge your riding and teaching. However they are also there to make sure you are having fun which is also amazing.

"I love the place, It's like one big family!"

bridget-powder2So, now that you’ve landed yourself your dream job - What advice would you give to people thinking about becoming an instructor?

I am so excited, I just cannot wait to get back out there! My advice to people who want to become instructors would be make sure you have a VISA sorted out before you apply for a job. This puts you in a good position, definitely helps with your job application process. My expectations for this season are that it will be cold... but seriously I am really looking forward to getting out there, meeting new people everyday, I am just excited to get some more life experience!

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