Callum's Snow Rehab Experience

Callum Mann joined us in Big White Ski Resort to attain his CSIA Level 1 & 2 to start what could be a dream career in snowsports. He also attained an avalanche safety training qualification (AST). It seems liked he had an awesome time but don't take our word for it. We sat down with him to discuss his Snow Rehab journey! 

Can you tell us about some of the experiences you've had over the past couple of days?

The last couple of days in Revelstoke have been absolutely amazing, I can't fault it at all. I was originally on the base package with Snow Rehab and I decided to updrade to the summit package and got cat-skiing with it and I have no regrets. The cat-skiing alone was amazing but getting that second day to just ride Revy was just as good. It was a great time. 

What were your thoughts when you were making that decision to upgrade? 

As soon as I looked at the package I saw the cat-skiing included and I knew there was no chance I wasn't going to do cat-skiing. I thought I'd go for it and I have no regrets at all. The instructors were great, it was great having everyone else there too. Just being in the cat itself is fun, we had the music blasting and it was brilliant. I couldn't wait to get up there, we had a couple of runs and just cut some fresh lines - you can't beat that.

Was there a highlight of that day?

There was a couple of highlights. On the first day in Revelstoke cutting untouched fresh lines was brilliant and then on the second day we were riding with another Snow Rehab rep, Jamie, and he told us to jump off a couple of cliffs and I did it and I had the greatest time!

Did you earn some man points that day?

I think I did, mate. I think I did!

Can you tell me a bit about your overall experience with Snow Rehab?

There is nothing I could fault about this experience at all. I've loved every moment of it and I would definitely do it again without a shadow of a doubt.

Any overall highlights?

Just the fact that when you first turn up you're nervous, everyone is nervous, but you bump into people and you just click and realise you don't even have to worry about it. It's just 12 weeks of great fun!

If you were going home tomorrow how would you summarise the whole experience?

Time of my life. It just opens so many gateways. You can do so much with the experience and qualifications you gain from this course. I love skiing and the fact that I have done this course made me love it even more.

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