CSIA Level 4 Ski Pro

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Back when I was a kid I was lucky enough that my dad loved to ski and as a result I got taken away on holidays. I had lessons the first time I went and after that I didn’t want lessons anymore. Going out with the Mark Warner ski guides was often inspiring. Not only did they ski pretty good, as best as I could tell back then anyway, the lifestyle seemed pretty killer as well.

Fast forward a few years and I was searching for something to do in my gap year, when I came across a 10 week ski instructor training program in Canada. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to, but at the very least I figured it was going to be a pretty cool ski trip.

As soon as things got started I knew I made the right choice. As someone that didn’t want lessons when I was younger I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the sessions with trainers every day, I didn’t want to miss a single second on snow. The après ski was as much fun, dancing on bars until the small hours of the night, but everything revolved around the skiing, that’s what I paid my money for.

mark.shaxstead.1 1 of 1The next 10 weeks were a blur of skiing hard every day and playing hard most nights. By trying hard to do everything I was asked to do on snow I started to get some real improvements in my skiing and the better I got the more I enjoyed and the more I wanted to keep pushing myself. I made sure I left Canada having worked as hard as I could and I left with three professional certifications.

I was fortunate enough that when I got home a brand new snow dome was being built just down the road. I was able to get a job there when it opened and while going to university I worked and trained there for the three years I was studying for my degree. It was great opportunity to get some work experience and it gave me a chance to find out how much I loved the job.

So straight out of university I got myself back to Canada with a job in the ski and board school at Big White Ski Resort. Things just kept getting better from here. The ski school was great in providing training and I took full advantage. 12 years later I am now a Level 4 with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, able to train and certify other instructors, performing the same role that my trainers once did for me.

The bottom line is that for anyone who has just a spark of passion for skiing, a ski improvement or instructor training program will only help grow that spark into a raging fire. Whether you want to work as a ski or board pro or not, these courses will make sure you get much more enjoyment every time you go riding on the mountain. So go ahead and take your first step on the best decision you’ll ever make!