First Impressions From Andy In Big White

Q: What level of rider were you before your course?

A: Beginner/Intermediate

Q: How long have you been riding?

A: I've been riding just a little over a year now!

Q: Where have you been riding previously?

A: I've been to the Milton Keynes Snowdome, Val d'Isere and Les Deux Alpes.

Q: How are your first impressions of Big White?

A: There is a friendly, relaxed, family atmosphere. The people have been very helpful and talkative!

Q: Is there anything you've really enjoyed so far?

A: I really enjoyed today's lesson! I got rid of my man flu and was very surprised at how my snowboarding has improved now that I can give it 100%. The video analysis was great and I could really see improvements.

Q: Has anything exceeded your expectations?

A: The quality and the passion of the teaching has exceeded my expectations! The lessons have given me a lot to take away and practice.

Q: How are you adjusting to riding waist deep powder?

​A: It's difficult! I got used to tomahawking, but after today's lesson which focused on being centred and mobile with better edge control, I'm hopeful it will get easier and I will improve, especially since I am becoming more confident and mobile on my board.

Q: How are you finding the training?

A: It's intense but moves at a pace that allows me to fully take in the lesson and ask questions where needed.

Q: Do you feel that overall your riding has improved after one week?

A: Definitely!

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