socialising Gap year adventures have been enjoyed for years by individual's who have spent years studying to achieve the qualifications they require for their chosen career path.

HOLD on a minute! Is this a thing of the past or something that is becoming more popular? Is a gap year something being enjoyed by those who are just out of, or in the middle of their education? Quite simply, no is the answer to this! More and more people are deciding to take a gap year at any stage of their life. It could be a gap year from study, work or even retirement and many of these people are doing this to enjoy some time to themselves. Involving something they are passionate about is the norm.
Does your gap year have to be exactly what it says, 'a gap year'? Not really, many individuals approach the freedom of the Canadian mountains for a winter season skiing. Some escape to the sunny coastline of Australia for the surfing, whilst others venture through the South American Andes backpacking. The choice really depends on you as a person. All of these come with a different cost, winter skiing usually the more expensive and generally the shorter option lasting approximately 3-4months. Backpacking in South America would probably be one of the cheapest options and generally last the longest. You could however combine them both, skiing in the northern hemisphere during the winter, backpack in Southern America during spring and work a little in the summer to replenish the funds to get back home! The latter normally a choice of students who have been funded by the bank of mum and dad and found their credit rating to have run dry.
You might not be knowledgeable about how others before you have gone about this and what to expect. Take gap year skiing, a way to release your adrenalin after years studying or working. You may want to do this with a friend or by yourself.

Where do you start?

Choose a destination i.e. Canada and do a google search for gap year skiing in that destination. What  your search will deliver, are many companies who have spent a lot of time, energy and money creating and building courses to suit your needs.

What to expect?

Aside the blatant obvious.....loads of time to enjoy yourself!
Most of these courses will help you achieve a ski instructors qualification upon success at the end of your course. This qualification is internationally recognised and will help you to achieve work within the snow sports industry, should you wish to extend your gap year and travel to another country.
You also get to explore a whole new place, different culture, food and ways of life. You make new friends, some who are just passing through and others you will have possibly for life! Learn new skills you never thought possible on a pair of ski's. A great social life filled with parties and events. Most of all, you will get tonnes of energy from all the hours you spend living this adrenaline filled lifestyle.

When does a Gap Year finish?

This really does depend on what category of gap year you come under? Student, work or retired gap year. We would say the student gap year finishes when the bank of mum and dad finish's, the work gap year depends mainly on the sabbatical allowed by said employer and really how much money has been saved and the retired gay year all depends on how much you missed out when you were younger and of course, how long your spouse allows.
Some people who have participated on a ski instructor course in the past, became addicted to snow and achieving higher levels of certification prior to following their career path. We know one who has been doing his for around 10 years and achieved, level 3 and level 4 CSIA certification. We cannot mention his name for identity reasons as we believe his parents are trying to track him down to pay back his education fees. Why they cant find him we will never know as his face is all over Canadian bill boards advertising a certain ski mountain!