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What does backcountry mean to you?

Is it dropping pillows and treelines all day? Is it searching for cliff bands directly under the chairline for that extra adrenaline?

Snow Rehab's 12-week Backcountry Course will prepare you for life in the outback. Under instruction and training of some of Revelstoke and Canada's most experienced ski coaches you will see some of Canada's most exciting terrain. Going under the rope and experiencing the 'real' backcountry will give you a unique insight into the role that ski patrol play across the world. With a bit of hard work and determination you'll leave us with a Canadian Avalanche Association level 1, a CSIA level 1 and even an optional 80-hour first aid course. With nights spent in snow caves, hikes to peaks few have ever seen and knowledge of avalanche and backcountry safety you will be able to start applying to ski patrol at resorts the world over.

Though we can't promise you'll be the next Jamie Pierre or Shane McConkey, your training and experience will allow you to ski terrain few others have ever been able to.

As a once-in-a-lifetime experience or a first step to securing a career in ski patrol and avalanche safety, the Backcountry Awareness course will give you an experience you'll never forget.

Awareness for safety in the backcountry might save your life one day, for one Meesh Hytner, an investment in an airbag, knowing not to panic and stay on her board as long as possible made a potentially fatal situation look almost easy.