GoPro Reveals New Mini Action Cam

The new GoPro Hero 4 Session is the lightest and tiniest GoPro ever. It packs 1080p60 video and 8mp photo capability in a tiny waterproof and rugged package. A low-profile frame and auto-rotation lets you mount it just about anywhere.

The Session looks extremely simple to use, for starters, it only has two buttons! The main one is a red, circular button found on top of the camera, tap it and the Session turns on and starts recording. Tap it again to stop recording, and the Session turns off. So with its new super compact form factor and recording quality that rivals the GoPro Hero4 Silver do you need anymore convincing? If so, here's the GoPro official promo video full of people better at sports than you and another healthy dose of Alana Blanchards butt... that should do the trick:


So lets talk about specs! This little beast can record 1080p video at 60fps, (don't forget about 1440p at 30fps) but if it’s super slo-mo you want it can do 100fps at 720p. The familiar ProTunes and SuperView features are still in there too. As the GoPro Session is waterproof straight out of the box, they've made the mics specially designed to be able to drain quickly when wet... so there isn’t a long delay in restoring audio quality after a splash. According to the youtube reviews that are already popping up, this new feature seem to generally work pretty well, though the drainage mechanism struggles when the camera is mounted upside down.

So what's the verdict? This 1.5-inch cube is small enough to mount pretty much anywhere you could want, without the bulk and drag of a traditional GoPro mount. We love the new super-simple one-button operation and the new small form factor but the real kicker for us is that in comparison to the similar spec GoPro Hero4 Silver it appears to have inferior image quality in detail, dynamic range, colour depth, and image noise. The Session goes on sale from GoPro’s site from the 12th July for £330 (...ouch!)

All things considered, we'd probably just go for the similar GoPro Hero4 Silver instead or wait *fingers crossed* for the release of the Hero5 in October.