How to Save

saving-made-easyHow to save to become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor on a Gap Year

It’s surprisingly easy to save that wad of cash you need for the Snow Rehab experience of a lifetime. We’re talking three months in perfect powder, with top class training five hours a day, five days a week. If you’re fulfilling your dream of snowboard instructor training or looking for ski improvement courses, this is it (in our humble, yet expert, opinion). Keep the image of powder skiing in your head and you won’t even notice those little things you need to cut out to get there. Let us break it down:

So the amount you’ll need for our three month skiing/snowboarding instructor course is approximately £7000. That’s it. That’s flights, accommodation, food, training, the lot. You’ve committed to making your dream real and paid a 10% deposit, so now you just need to find £6300. Over a year, that’s a mere £525 a month – less than most people’s mortgage – totally doable.

Here’s how:

Cut out Scooby snacks

It’s the only time that chips and cheese or kebabs ever appeal and you’ve no doubt drunk a skinful, so give your gut and wallet a rest.

£3.50 each weekend £14 a month saved

Apps –olutely not

We’ve all done it – ‘oh, it’s only 69p’ – ‘but it’ll mean I don’t have to text’ – ‘wow, there IS an app for that’. No there’s not, you don’t need it and it does all add up. Stop it.

69p each week £2.76 a month saved

Happy Birthday *dances*

Have you noticed how expensive greetings cards are? Do you use Moonpig? No need, send e-cards for every occasion and save a packet.

£2.50 a fortnight £5 a month saved

Fag-ash no more

Yeah, yeah, nag, nag. But think how much more awesome the three months in the mountains will be if you can breathe that fresh air and not cough up your guts at the end of each run. You’re going to have to give up sometime, do it now.

£7.60 per packet, 6 packs a month £45.60 a month saved

Coffeehouse Rules

Particularly hard to give up when gingerbread lattes are back, but resist. Even the crappiest workplaces have a kettle.

Three a week £7.20 £28.80 a month saved

Play sobersister

Taxis are a nightmare to hail, unreliable to book and always expect a tip. Rotate the driving responsibilities among your crowd and save the hassle and cash.

£10 a week £40 a month saved

Two door cinema club

Only go on Orange Wednesdays, walk straight past the snack counter and make sure to go to the ones with free parking. Done.

Save £7.25 on a ticket and £5 on snack twice a month £24.25 a month saved

Get in the kitchen

Yes, it is easier to buy your lunch, but if you’d only spent five minutes sticking your leftovers in a box or building a monster sandwich you’d be so much better off. Do it.

£4.50 five days a week £90 a month saved

Be fashion-savvy

Doing more frequent laundry and learning to customize existing outfits will save the need to buy something new each weekend.

£20 per weekend £80 a month saved

Booze less

If you’re serious about your fitness you might want to cut it out completely, but, at the very least, drink two less a week and watch the pounds add up.

Two pints/glasses of wine £5 a week £20 a month saved

Get a library card

No seriously! They’ll order whatever book or movie you want and won’t charge you for it. Take that Amazon!

£12 on books, DVDs and on-demand movies a week £48 a month saved

Embrace ‘free’

Fill bottles with water from the tap, ditch the gym and run in the park, stop driving short journeys and walk. Save money and lose weight, what’s not to love?

£45 gym membership, £2 a day on juice, £20 month petrol £125 a month saved

Sofa digging

Especially after family have been round, the old sofa can prove to be a treasure trove.

By the law of averages £1.59 a month saved

TOTAL £525 per month

Wow, would you look at that? Without even trying. You will be Mr or Ms “Ski le Gap” before you even notice you’ve lost three inches and saved a packet.

Go on – prove you can do it!