How To Surprise Someone With a Winter Trip To Canada

We've all saw the viral videos of people surprising their loved one with an amazing trip across the world. Yeah - you know the ones we mean! Here's how you should go around organising a surprise trip with us for you and a fellow adventurer. 

1. Discretely make sure your loved one is stoked on the idea!

We've all been guilty of going out gift shopping for a loved one and coming home with gifts more suited to ourselves. Getting great aunt Sandra a new GoPro for Christmas 2014 felt right at the time! Try to ask them questions to find out if they would be interested in a backcountry ski or snowboard holiday in Canada but don't make it too obvious! This should ensure you get a reaction like this...

And, not like this...

2. Consider additional costs of the trip outwith the package deal!

You should consider spending money, does your loved one need to buy new clothing / ski or snowboard gear / insurance or require new travel documents? Contact us for help on this area when surprising your loved one with one of our holidays!

3. Make sure everyone involved can get the time off work!

You could either create a cover story as to why the person has to take the holiday but the best idea is probably to contact their place of work and ask if this would be possible, explaining that you're surprising your loved one with a trip to Canada.

4. Book your holiday!

We like to make things as easy as possible for you when booking. Simply fill out our form after having asked us all your questions and look forward to 2 weeks of waist deep powder, cat-skiing, luxury accommodation and much more!

5. Get creative!

Revealing the surprise to your loved one is going to be a moment to remember! Get some inspirations from previous Youtube videos e.g. one like this. You could create a box of small hints for them to open and then do the big reveal or even buy them a something handy that they'll need on the trip e.g. a GoPro! Set up a video camera or film them as they find out where they're going to share with your friends. 

6. Enjoy your adventure!

Cat-skiing, lift passes, UK return flights, accommodation, food and professional backcountry guiding is included in the holiday package!

If you'd like to book a Snow Rehab backcountry ski or snowboard holiday get in touch and drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out our contact us form with any queries about our trips. You can find all the info you need on our website