James Murchie - In His Words

case-study-james-murchieTime for a career change? James Murchie gave up his current career and pursued his dream of becoming a Snowboard Instructor. In a few words hear his view about his 12 weeks with Snow Rehab…

Hi James what was it that made you choose Snow Rehab for your Snowboard Instructor Course?

My friend was on SnowRehab last season, she recommended it to me. Being a week longer than other companies was a bonus for me, as well as meals provided from Monday to Friday.

img 6743What did you leave back home to join the course?

I was an electrical engineer, working to try and keep the lights on in the NorthWest of England. I enjoyed it but being a snowboard instructor had been in my head since I was a kid!

james-murchie-snow-rehabHow did the course turn out for you and what qualifications did you achieve?

Well I came out with the intention of getting my CASI Level 2, which I did. I learned to ski over the weekends which allowed me to get my CSIA level 1. I also passed my CASI Park 1, Avalanche Safety Training and First aid.

james.murchie.level-2.groupDo you have quote from the winter you will take with you?

I do, but I'm not sure its appropriate ;-)

Come on share it, or them with us!

Ok here are a few:

  • “What a Twat”
  • “Nice turns”
  • “Sams for One?”

Describe the experience in three words for us?

Thats hard! Can I have 4? No, ok then.... Snow, Fun and Friends!

What would the fourth have been?


jamesmurchie-level2certificateWhat advice would you give to future Snow Rehab-ers?

You get out what you put in. Listen to the instructors, no matter how good you think you are, there's always something you can work on.

jamesmurchies-spinWhats your next step?

I've managed to secure a job teaching snowboarding and skiing in Australia through the summer, so its worked out pretty well for me!