windsh_ninonina2Storm and deliver us all the lovely powdery white stuff for us to cut some lines in.

By definition, La Nina means 'the girl' in Spanish. El Nino is the direct opposite meaning 'the boy'. Think Venus vs Mars, Adam vs Eve or more aptly in this instance, rain vs drought.

La Nina and El Nino are opposites and simplify the weather trends that mountain enthusiasts plan their winters around. La Nina is the cooling of water in the Pacific Ocean, while El Nino is the warming trend of that same body of water. 

How does that affect those of us who seek snow like gold diggers chase the prized nugget? Riders on North America's West Coast (yes, that includes Big White and Revelstoke Mountain Resorts) pray for La Nina.

Although she happens only about half as often as El Nino, she blesses our mountains with loads of the powdery white stuff. There is also a warming trend the further south one rides, so bundle up in Alaska, and shed a layer in Tahoe.

There are many other adverse weather systems around the globe that happen as a result of this Spanish boy and girl, but skier and boarders in North America are mostly interested in forecasting what their favourite lines will ride like.

A phenomenon that happens in the Pacific Ocean, La Nina and El Nino have a ripple affect across more than half the planet, making it the most powerful influencer of weather on earth. Guess what this winter will bring? Yeah, you go girl!

Looks something like this, so this is what to pray for!