Lauren, CSIA Level 2, Ski Instructor Course

This week we were lucky enough to catch up with Lauren, whose company we had the pleasure of keeping in the 2013 Snow Rehab ski cohort in Big White earlier this year! The resort clearly had an impression on her (with our influence… undoubtedly!) as she is returning this year as an Instructor in the Big White Ski & Board School team! We caught up with Lauren and asked her a few questions about her experience to capture her thoughts.

lauren-case-study-profile-imageLauren, before you found SR and Big White, what were you doing? Tell us your story.

Before SR I had recently left 6th form in the UK and I was taking a gap year. I was training with the GB rowing squad however, due to my rather pixie-like size, I decided to take on a new challenge and do a ski-season.

You’re clearly a sports woman at heart! What was it that made you want to do your ski season with SR?

Last year I visited the ski show, which is where I first met the SR team. I initially had no intentions of actually becoming a ski instructor; I was principally there to buy ski gear for a holiday I had already planned. After speaking to the team and doing a bit of research, I soon found that SR had the best to offer, were the most economical, the best trainers, and the most like-minded people.

lauren-fry-2So you signed yourself up then! Tell us about any activities you did in Big White.

I feel I was a key part to the SR ice hockey team! I was supposed to be a key player in defence and I’m pretty sure I helped score some goals… just for the wrong team! It was a great team building activity and was great to see some of the trainers out of their comfort zone! Spectating was also good with the free hot chocolate! There were also loads of trips that SR organised but unfortunately I didn’t go on any of them.

Tell us about your favourite moment on the course?

There are too many to mention! Although being told that you had the perfect demonstration position for snow-plough (harder than it sounds!) is a good day! Also, Lumberjack night for a friend’s birthday was an exceptional night, and we all looked ridiculous which made it even better.

What was your favourite quote of the season?

“A little on the inside”. As part of the course we analyse other skiers to improve our ability to teach and encourage others to improve their skiing. Of course, this is all very well until someone really able skis past you and you have nothing to comment on with regards to his or her skiing abilities. After a moment of silence from our group, someone pipes up and shouts the advice, “A little on the inside!” to this very capable skier, only to discover that this particular skier actually writes the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) manual that we were all trying to emulate! Awkward.

Of all the trainers at Big White Ski and Board School, which would you rather be stuck in a lift with and why?

I think it would be Kristian because I always had cold hands and he has some form of hot hand disorder. We swapped gloves on the lifts many a time and the feeling soon returned to my fingers.

Describe your experience for us in three words.?



Thanks Lauren, so what did you do after training with SR and what exciting plans have you got in-store for yourself now?

After my season I went travelling to South America, I have since deferred my place at university for another year and I am very excited to be returning to Big White, but this time as a full-time instructor thanks to SR!

So after all that you’re coming back for more!!

Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the SR team?

Thank you and I’ll try to cause less drama for you this year!

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