Life In Revelstoke with Jamie Chalkley

Weekend mornings start early, if you want to hit first lift on a powder day you need to be queuing by 7:00am! The 10 minute shuttle journey to the resort flies by, gives you a chance to catch up with the friendly staff and hear rumors about the avalanche conditions.

Most of the riders queuing wear avalanche backpacks, and strap a transceiver to their waist. Hiking, going under the rope and dropping steeps are the standard at this place. 

It's not all extreme though, a hangover might mean you catch the 9:30am shuttle, avoid all remnants of the queue and still get first tracks all over the place, especially the trees on south side.

Hiking, going under the rope and dropping steeps are the standard at this place!

On weekdays however it's just another day at the office, you've booked on an instructor or improver course, so you ride with an instructor the whole day. Glens insights into the mountain are impressive, he'll guide you perfectly around cliffs and towards powder, the ski instructors so knowledgeable they'll improve your turns beyond recognition. And of course being on a lesson means you get to jump the queue, even if it rolls 200m back to the car park, but try not to look smug.

Once off the mountain, the meals are insane, half a chicken, potatoes of your choice, and a house salad, all within your stamp budget. Once fed up of chicken (some say it can happen) the Gumbo at Chubbies comes with high recommendations and the Burgers from The Idiot sell themselves. Or a night in, all the condos have massive TVs, Netflix enabled so you can put ski movies on all night just to raise the stoke levels for the morning. I could talk about the Cat Skiing in chest deep powder, backcountry touring days, the bars but to understand them you'd have to witness it!

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