Morgan Schofield Case Study

morgan-hottubTime in your life for a Gap Year? After studying an engineering degree Morgan Schofield had the ambition to obtain a ski instructor qualification before pursuing his career and took some time out. Hear about his 12 week experience with Snow Rehab in his own words!

So how was your season?!

Amazing, definitely the best 3 months of my life! Although, I might need some more Rehab as I’m totally addicted to snow!

What made you choose to book with SR?

I met Gordon and his team in a Ski+Snowboard Show in Earls Court, from comparing them to the other options available I was convinced SR provides the best package for your money - CAT skiing and Snow Mobiling included, an awesome meal package plus loads more.


How was the journey over to Canada?

I’m not a great flyer, so the free G+T was appreciated, ear plugs and eye shades helped. Having the internal flight to the local airport provided instead of a six/seven hour coach ride took the edge of the journey!

What was the accommodation like?

Great choice of location and style - 2 minute slide to the slopes. We have plenty of room between 5 of us and I managed to claim the single room for a little more personal space. I consider myself a bit of a chef, so, the big kitchen with lots of tools was greatly appreciated!

I loved the steam shower every morning (good thing there’s a timer, otherwise I’d always be late to lessons) and the hot tub and a beer after an intensive ski day was the ultimate relaxation.

Best meal you had?

Definitely the Happy Valley Steak House, best steak on the mountain; I even went a bit hipster and took pictures of my food.

Favourite off snow activity?

There was a great Absolute Vodka, cocktail competition where a dozen or so mixologists showed off their best cocktails in a competition. I was so surprised that something like this would find it’s way up a mountain, but the drinks were mouth-watering and Moorish! Very Moorish!

Also, the opportunity to see real Canadian Ice Hockey was awesome, the pace was incredible and the scraps got really interesting, especially when defending the goalie. Kelowna is a great town and I’m now keeping an eye on their team, got the jersey and everything =)

It’s not off-snow, but CAT skiing was possibly the best day on-snow I’ve ever had, I got to ride the fattest skis you’ve ever seen (like, snowboards for each foot) and send it in waist deep powder on some of the steepest tree runs in Canada. I get all tingly just thinking about it! Definitely a Bucket List tick!

If you were stuck in the Backcountry and had to choose 3 people you met through Snow Rehab to be stuck with, who would they be and why?

Becky - Her army survival training and mechanics skills would complement mine in building equipment.

Jem - always manages to find alcohol - great for forgetting you’re stranded.

Nadia - when you’re in the s**t, you need comedy - Nadia is a comedy genius.

morganastbigwhiteFunniest moment?

At the start of our Level 1 exam, first lift up, I somehow managed to slide off the chair, catch my skis and go face first into the snow. In front of all the instructors. To add to my embarrassment, the guys behind us whipped out their duck calls and added daffy duck laughter - wah wha wah

Best night out?

Too many to choose from. Probably, cocktail competition or celebrating after passing Level 1, everyone went hard!

What did you gain from the course?

I learnt so much about myself and my limits on snow - definitely pushed those limits as often as I could muster the courage.

I’m a confident skier and have the skills to assess myself and others and constantly improve.

I have such a passion for skiing and snow that I’m sure will last my whole life.

I made some great friends for life!

morgan-ejectingThree words to describe your experience

Exciting, Intense, Learning

What are your plans now you have completed your course?

I got the opportunity to have a week in the Alps with my instructor buddies from home and showed them how much I’d improved. I even ended up teaching them a thing or two. I’m really passionate about freestyle skiing and am going to improve my spins and tricks on the slopes in England over the summer.

I’ve definitely been converted to a powder addict and I think Japan is next on my to-ski list.

I’m an engineer and am looking at how my team and I can improve the skiing experience through the emerging technologies we work with.