Philippa's Snow Rehab Experience

Philippa joined us on a 6 week snowboard instructor course in Big White. She has been an awesome participant on the mountain and in the bar! She is now home in New Zealand and back to her career as a school teacher, but we managed to catch up with her before she left to find out everything she had to say about her Snow Rehab experience. 

Can you tell us what you've been doing out here in Big White with Snow Rehab?

I'm on the 6 week summit package. It's been 6 weeks too short! I'm on a plane home tomorrow and I don't want to get on it because I've enjoyed my time here so much. I've gone from breaking my thumbs, to spewing in the pub, to learning new snowboard techniques. I've become a better snowboarder as a whole and getting my CASI Level 1 qualification out of it has been a plus. If I could, I'd like to continue onto Level 2.

Wait... Was that the order that it came in: you broke your thumb, spewed in the pub and then you started training?!

Probably the other way around! But none of it has stopped me! You still get out on the snow everyday. Being less than 5 minutes from the first lift is a real plus. Especially on those hungover days, you can get straight up there! Having the GoPro and just going for a ride has been awesome. Having different instructors every week has really helped. One week you might not understand what one instructor means but the next week you'll completely get it. 

So you've felt a big improvement?

Hugely! Before this experience I didn't know there was a technical way to ride a snowboard and now I sit on the chairlift watching everyone go by thinking they're sh%t...

Maybe we should rephrase that!

Well, before this experience I just thought it was about having fun, which it still is, but once you understand the technical aspect it's even more fun!

Awesome, that's really nice to hear! Can you tell me about some of your highlights from the 6 week program?

The friendships I've made have been really special. Some of them will be lifelong friends. They're staying on for the 12 weeks which I'm very jealous about! Another highlight is the instructors. They've been amazing! Even the mountain, it's perfect for what I wanted. It isn't too steep but if you want steep you can get it! The accommodation has been really nice and comfortable and has hot tubs too!

Have you been anywhere on this program that you've really enjoyed? 

Definitely Revelstoke! It was nice to go off the mountain and the cat-skiing was an unreal experience that is something that I've always wanted to do. Part of the reason I chose Snow Rehab was for the cat-skiing and I loved every minute of it. There was lots of laughs. Even going into Kelowna as well was nice to have a break and also see some touristy stuff.

Is there anything you'd tell possible future participants?

Definitely do it! I wish I had done it sooner. And do the full 12 weeks because you won't want to go home!

Pippa thank you very, very much. I can see you've had a great time and we're really glad you chose to be with Snow Rehab!

Thanks! Loved it!

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