Rebecca King Case Study

Rebecca KingQ. Do you ski or snowboard?

A. Ski

Q. What was your reason for going on your course?

A. I decided to take a gap year between school and University and chose to do a ski instructor course because I couldn’t imagine anything I would rather spend 3 months doing. Having skied from a young age and having spent a lot of time in Ski School I always wanted to be one of the people in red coats (for some reason all my instructors wore red, despite being different resorts!) and also wanted to spend an extended period of time on the snow, my main motivation was to improve my ski performance considerably. The Big White course seemed perfect, good snow, good location, well known resort for being friendly and good accommodation.

Q. Was it everything you expected it to be?

A. The course was everything I expected it to be and more, I met some incredible people, my skiing went from strength to strength and I had a fantastic time. Most importantly all my instructors were extremely talented on the slopes and very inspiring teachers, I went in wanting to improve my skiing and left wanting to teach.


Q. Could it have been made better? If so, how?

A. Outside of the day to day skiing it would have been nice to have some more organized activities such as Cat Skiing or on a cheaper scale an opportunity to do some of the in resort activities such as ice skating or tubing. I would also have loved to have had the opportunity to do optional weekly freestyle classes so that I could have taken the freestyle level 1, equally I would have loved to have done some race training as I’m hoping to join my university ski club and one section of that is a race team. It would also have been nice on a knowledge level to learn some general first aid and ski maintenance.

Q. If you were to do it again would you book with Snow Rehab?

A. If I were to book it again I would book with Snow Rehab as while I thoroughly enjoyed my course and would highly recommend it, they offer more off piste activities and the racing element would have been a huge pull. Additionally fitness and nutrition are both really important when you’re exerting so much energy every day to keep you safe and I think this is an unusual but useful addition to a ski course. The Snow Rehab course offers lots of different options and that is what would have attracted me to the course, who knows, maybe by the end I would even have been dragged kicking and screaming onto a snowboard for a week!