Sarah Hearsum Case Study

group-shotsThis week we caught up with Sarah who was with us on our twelve week programme earlier this year and is now teaching at a ski school over in Japan as a CSIA Level II ski instructor!

Sarah, what was it that made you choose SR above and beyond other instructor courses there are out there?

SR actually appealed to me as a new company – I knew Gordon and Edith would go above and beyond to make sure that it all worked out and I was as happy as I could be with the course. I do think older companies can become lazy and, especially the directors, become out of touch with who they are teaching and how their course works, as they themselves are not in resort (unlike Gordon and Edith, who are). Gordon has also put a huge amount into the company so I knew how motivated he was to make it work and that was my main reason for choosing SR. It was also a fantastic deal in terms of accommodation and meals etc. compared to other courses.

What did you leave to go to qualify as a ski instructor?

Before SR I studied psychology at the University of Southampton, after which I travelled around South East Asia and Europe for a short while. I worked as a marketing executive during the day and as a bar tender in the evenings for five months to pay for the course.

After the course, I worked as a human factors consultant for seven months in London and I am now off to Japan to teach skiing at a ski school in Niseko!

level-1-celebrationsWhat was your favourite moment of your experience?

My favourite moment was most definitely passing my CSIA Level II and knowing that I had got what I had come out there for.

Do you have a favourite quote that you still use to remind yourself of good times on SR?

“Hunker down on your jabbers” – one of the instructors taught a man and son and the son only understood to plant his pole when his dad told him to do so with that phrase…!

girls-at-workPlease can you describe your experience in three words?

Super fun, lots of learning and a great experience (that’s nine – but all very apt!)

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the SR team?

Thank you for getting me qualified to such a high standard and helping me land my first job as a ski instructor!