#SNOWREHAB: Week One in Revelstoke

The season started with a bang in Revelstoke. Our course participants are now settled in and well into training on our ski and snowboard courses! We have our good friend Jamie Chalkley looking after our Revelstoke crew this year in resort. Here's what he had to say about their first week together...

Thursday 7th: Arrival Night

Friday 8th:

The guys caught the 8:10am bus to go set up their season passes. I gave them the tour around the hill, pointing out some epic tree lines and plenty of smooth groomers. After riding all day we had a tour around the downtown area.

Society Snow and Skate shop stayed open past closing time to show us around the store - they also added that all Snow Rehab participants receive a 10% discount in store. The Village Idiot Bar and Grill set up a massive table for the guys, and threw us as much pizza as we could eat!

Saturday 9th:

Another hard charging day from the guys, most of whom rode the full day, exploring the mountain with Rue showing off the spots she has learnt through her time in Revelstoke pre-course.

Sunday 10th: Revelstoke North Bowl Tour

A group of the guys undertook the early morning hike to Sub Peak and looked over the cornices that guard the bowl. There were definitely some shaky knees and plenty of racing heart rates but everyone rode out in style and couldn't whip the grins from their faces as we rolled into the Ripper Chair.

Monday 11th: Training Begins

Training started today with a heavy focus on safety. The Snowboard Instructor group rode with Glen, Skiers with Julie, and the Backcountry Snowboarders rode hard with Geoff. We finished the day with a group meal at Chubby Funster's and progressed to a few beers in the Last Drop.

Wednesday 13th:

The backcountry day began with a couple of casualties from the hard training. Alex and Eddy had a hard sweaty day! They learned that any small gear issue can cause big problems as soon as you duck under those ropes. They dropped some epic lines before the other riders got to go up the lifts. They'll be heading out again this week and have learnt a few little things about set up that should make their days run more smoothly. 

Training overview so far...

Everyone has been super stoked on training and the mountain in general. I think they're amazed by the skills of their trainers and the participants are well on their way to replicating this level of performance, as they start to smoothen out their style.

The trainers have commented across the board that the riding levels are as high as they have ever seen for the start of a 12 week program. The skiers have received high praise from both Julie and Sam, and already feel that they are improving. Geoff and Glen have ridden with snowboarders all week and are super happy with the progress being made.

If shredding fresh powder everyday in Revelstoke sounds like your cup of tea then check out our remaining 2016 backcountry holidays or find out about joining us on course next season in Revelstoke on our ski or snowboard instructor and ski or snowboard improvement courses