Tales From The T-Bar with Cameron Price

We have only been out in Big White for just over two weeks and it has already blended into one awesome blur, with each day being better than the last! The course is great fun simply due to the fact the instructors are all amazing, everyday my confidence grows as I push my riding. The mountain itself is a natural playground, there is terrain to challenge your riding around every corner! From mini cliffs to tree runs for miles, there is no getting bored around here! It took me a really long time to get all that snow out of my beard but I really feel like a local now!

After a fun day on the mountain, it doesnt have to end there! For us, the night usually starts off with a hot tub and a few beers with the boys and then grab some food from The Bakery. Thanks to a tip off from one of the locals last week we headed to Snowshoe Sam's, the Wednesday Wing Nights is proving to be a favourite among all of us here in Big White! Although, saying that, we are currently in our last week of training before the level one exam so I imagine this weekend will be a quiet one!

I cannot pick a single stand out day so far because they have all been awesome! There is only 66 days left out here and with even more snow forecast, I intend to make the most of it! What are you waiting for?