Tales from the T-Bar with Joe Purcell

Before I set foot in Canada I had only 6 days of snowboarding experience under my belt, but I was hooked! I understood the instructor course would be challenging and with so little time on snow backing me up but I knew it would be hard work. I was super nervous when I arrived, after a few days of crashes and making friends with trees, I gained the nickname "Danger Joe" but in the process I had found my feet and was ready to start training!

After weeks of training I was ready to sit my CASI Level 1 exam, I was pretty apprehensive the morning of day 1, I've always found public speaking a little difficult but my examiner gave me some amazing advice and helped me structure a lesson that boosted my confidence. By the time the last exam day came around my nerves had completely subsided and was confident with how much I'd come. The days flew in and now is was time to hear my results, the examiner gave a speech and explained the pass rates that got my pulse racing. I was called up and was told I had passed my first snowboarding qualification. It felt awesome so say i had passed and I'd be lying if I said we didn't head straight to the bar to celebrate!

"If you are not falling, you aren’t pushing yourself enough!"

The biggest objective for me was to pass both the riding and teaching parts of the course. Now that I have achieved my level 1, I'm stoked to start training towards my level 2! Just goes to show, no matter what your skill level is, if you have enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, you can become an instructor too!

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