Tales from the T-Bar with Lara Begley

We are a few weeks in to the course here in Big White, after all passing our CSIA Level 1 and a welcome week off from training, we are all raring to get back to it. Waking up surrounded by snow with a day of skiing on the agenda has become the norm, it’s a hard life but someone hasd got to do it! Our trainers are constantly pushing us and giving us new challenges so you can literally feel an improvement from day to day. For me personally, it has made me realize how lazy my skiing had got from a few years of university ski trips. It feels awesome to push yourself out of your comfort zone everyday! 

We have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of glorious sunshine over the past few days, so a couple of us girls decided that to make the most of the slightly warmer weather by having a picnic in the snow one evening, making sure we had a decent amount of gin and tonic with us to wash down the chocolate biscuits.  The night ended like all good nights do: with a few drinks in the hot tub.

It is incredible here in big white! It's a Hard life but someone's got to do it!

It has been awesome seeing everyones riding improve during the CSIA Level 1 and over the next few weeks we will be getting stuck into our level 2 training and I cannot wait to get started! There are a couple of freestyle sessions in the park coming up I'm really looking forward to stepping out my comfort zone and try something new, it would be rude not to really.  Other than that just have fun and enjoy the snow when it finally comes

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