Week 1 Big White 2014

img 5538Our journey began at Heathrow at not so early o’clock which is always nice, everyone was already standing there waiting and having a chat as the Snow Rehab rep turned up and did his thing handing out important information and helmet stickers. After that it was time for check in which had a few people holding their breath hoping their luggage wouldn’t be overweight, but everything ran smoothly. We all said our goodbyes to parents, partners and anyone else walking by. Just before we headed up the stairs we were asked if anyone had any liquids over 100ml, everyone said no and on we went. However once we got to security a certain male forgot he had his whole wash bag in his hand luggage with brand new aftershaves and other items. The kind lady at security took him back down to check the bag instead of a fine.

img 5538After a rather relaxed flight minus the turbulence we made it to Calgary airport for our connecting flight, which we only just made by the skin of our teeth. The flight to Kelowna was entertaining to say the least with the seatbelt sign staying on throughout the whole flight.

Sunday morning we wake up to a fresh 30cm of powder (thank you snow gods) not bad for our first day. We headed to the Bullwheel for breakfast which Al and John kindly put on for us whilst Gordon welcomed the Snow Rehab crew to Big White. Not long after that it was playtime! Fresh powder everywhere and no one on the hill, it is safe to say everyone had a fantastic first day.

Monday morning bright and early the group headed up to the village to have a group photo and a meet with some trainers who will be teaching them. For week one the skiers had Nooner, the snowboarders had Jamie and the level 3 guys were with Lee. After a quick introduction of what we will be doing for the week everyone headed off to train hard. After a long day we all headed up to the Bullwheel for a 3 course dinner which definitely hit the spot after a long day of shredding.

Tuesday was another early morning (only due to jet lag) everyone was really excited and couldn’t wait to get out. The snowboarders all had to teach each other something just to get used to speaking in front of large groups, which went down really well, so they are now experts in rolling cigarettes, pouring a pint of beer and popping up on a surfboard.

Wednesday everyone was a bit tired and still suffering from jet lag but was still a good day. Wednesday night is Taco night at the Bullwheel so of course we had to hit that up.

img 5538By Thursday everyone was settled in but feeling rather tired, and definitely looking forward to the weekend for some well earned rest.

Saturday saw a few people have a quiet day in after a heavy Friday night, but for some it was a chance to change over to skiing for the day, from what we have seen it was a success as there were no broken bones, it was also hockey day in Canada so some of us went to explore the rink they made up at The Cliff which is apparently the highest rink in Canada!!

Overall it was a fantastic first week in Big White, and judging from the pictures on facebook the guys in Revelstoke are also having a blast. Bring on next week!!!!!