Week 2 Big White 2014

img 5595Week two began as another beautiful blue bird day. After a chilled out Sunday everyone was ready to get back into lessons. The Level 1 skiers had Tash Linley as their instructor, she had done the Snow Rehab Level 3 course last season and the snowboarders had Dom.

Tuesday the skiers went down to Happy Valley to start their training for Fast Track to Parallel and give their first teach which they really enjoyed. The snowboarders worked on the five core skills for the whole day, so lots of riding, which we all loved.

img 5592Wednesday morning the snowboarder’s did some more rider improvement and then headed down to Happy Valley to run through the Quick Ride in the afternoon. The skiers did some video analysis and then blasted it for the rest of the day. Then came Taco night in the Bullwheel which involved way to many Corona Buckets but a good night was had by all!

img 5661“Friday fun day more like Friday fail day” in the words of Jem who unfortunately injured himself doing turtle rolls. The rest of the day was just spent playing around by all the groups. End of the week evaluations went really well for everyone, as there has been so much improvement. Morgan, Tom and Ellis got most improved of the week.

Then Friday night got messy, starting with pre drinking in 206 involving the box game, pink panther and limbo using a ski pole, not too sure what happened after that as cannot remember much after leaving the apartment!

Saturday was a slow start, as a few people were feeling a little fragile, so it was a very chilled morning only 3 people headed out on the snow. Saturday afternoon the Snow Rehab crew had a tuning clinic, which was really good, we learnt a lot and gained some valuable information.

Sunday was the first aid course up at the fire station for most of the group. The rest of us however didn’t move off the sofa for the whole day, which was the most perfect lazy Sunday ever. Bridget even started a jigsaw puzzle.

Week two was a very successful week with everyone improving massively.