Week 2 Revelstoke 2014

revelstoke-week-2First day back on the slopes after a well rested weekend off, this week we were in the hands of Aussie Matt. Day one was a video session in the morning on ‘Critical Path’ then down to the resort base to play-back the footage which was super helpful for all of us ! Having a third persons view on ourselves made putting into practice what we were being told much easier. A quick lunch break then straight back out to work on our skills !

img 5698Drill day. Tuesday was spent working various drills throughout the course of the day whilst blending what they teach into our skiing. Although not as exciting as bombing cliffs, shredding tree lines or ripping up groomers this had to be one of the most helpful. These drills worked on our stance and overall balance - which would prove to serve us well in the terrain we came up against over the next few days ! We were rewarded for our efforts.. as tonight was RIB NIGHT !! =D

revy-week-2-1The third day gave us our first taste of ‘The North Bowl’. Boasting a wide variety of terrain from steeps, moguls, trees, cliffs and everything in between ! With beautifully crisp, white mountain tops as far as the eye could see (in every direction !) we dropped in and didn’t look back ! Skiing hard through this jaw-dropping terrain, we followed a creek through the trees and headed back to some more ‘easy going’ runs to finish up the day. We were blessed with the quote of the trip “I’m so sweaty I’m going to have to wash my helmet!”

After yesterdays assault on our bodies, most of us were knackered for Thursday. We spent the large part free-skiing whilst still keeping in mind the technical aspects that we had been individually focusing on earlier in the week at the fore-front of our ski tips !

revy-week-2To finish up the week we spent Friday with another trip through ‘The North Bowl’ taking a different route via ‘Sweet Spot’. Seemingly one of the guys legs wasn’t quite with them today as they decided to drop in on their face and slide the best part of 100 meters ! Which earned her the bail of the week ! Not a bad way to end the week eh ? ;) Now for a very well earned rest !"