Week 3 Revelstoke 2014

blog-revelstoke-week-3Week three rolled in with Ian our ski instructor and rolled out Louis who chose to move over to Big White early (think he heard they were due a bit more snow than us!!) The snow was presenting more challenging conditions this week and we were all praying for powder.

Gordon popped up for a visit and claimed to ‘smell snow in the air’, turns out his finely tuned nose was correct and we got around 1cm of snow Tuesday night. Not quite the POW-day we were hoping for! Ian decided it would be a good day to work on short turns. On the lower part of the mountain it was great but up top the fine layer of snow had blown off to reveal a near vertical ice rink which was probably very entertaining to watch from the chair lift above!

revelstoke-week-3-outdoorsWednesday night and Gordon’s nose was itching again and finally we got 7cm of fresh stuff, just enough to see Gnorm the Powder Gnome balls deep in powder. Thursday turned into a bit of an epic day, a ton of mogul skiing and tree runs, it was still pretty tough skiing as there was still a thick layer of ice sitting below the powder so just when you think you’re going well at a good speed you get caught out. This resulted in a LOT of crashes! Skis off, poles off and one big crash when Owen and Gary got a bit over excited on a fast groomer just before lunch and crashed into each other. This saw the end of Gary’s helmet visor and shortly after lunch some vicious pole planting snapped his bicep.

i-love-it-hereFriday freeze arrived and there were some fairly tired legs, the group was dwindling as Grandad Gary took the day off to rest his arm. It was -18C and the mountain was dead we cruised over to the Ripper chair the snow was perfect and for 2 hours it felt like the mountain was our own.

revelstoke-week-3-indoorsWe skied Saturday this week as the first aid course running next week means we would lose a day of instruction. Gary was back but we may have lost Kathryn due to unforeseen beers on Friday night. Everyone was feeling it after skiing so hard all week and by 3pm there was only Kandy Ken and Karen left! They claimed they spent the afternoon discovering untouched powder and tree runs but none of us believed that! There is the Spirit Festival going on in Revelstoke this week so on Saturday night we took the gondola up to the mid mountain lodge to watch a band with our new arrivals Mike and George. We finished the evening as ever with plenty of Jager and drunken sledging. Cracking week!