Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Canadas Highest Vertical With A Hipster Downtown Feel

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Welcome To Revelstoke

Everything about Revelstoke Mountain Resort is raw. The mountain, terrain, snowfall, the vertical it is all RAW! On this mountain you will always find big lines, big skis, big boards, big air and bigger smiles!

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The Resort

When it comes to core, Canadian big mountains, Revelstoke is at the top of the list. The reason why many of the best big mountain riders call Revelstoke home: natural, raw terrain is on their doorstep beckoning with every massive snowflake that falls. Not to mention that it is also North America's highest vertical! Boasting 500,000 acres of insane Heli-Ski terrain, this mountain is special. Storms converge here and dump on average, 40-60 feet of perfect blow snow per year – yip, enough for multiple face shots day in and day out for all of you! It is just one big natural playground!

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Don't Take Our Word For It

God didn't rest on the 7th day, he rode Revelstoke!

Conor Sheridan

Snowboard instructor, Revelstoke