Ski Instructor Revelstoke 12 Week Schedule


WEEK 1 Flight day and resort arrival. Meet the team, introduction to the resort and facilities. Collect your season pass. Find the legs and get to know the mountain with the Snow Rehab team over the weekend. Terrain adaptation with your coach.

WEEK 2 Training starts on basic ski instruction using the fast track to parallel methodology. CSIA five skills and basic competences will be introduced. Terrain adaptation skiing on and off piste. 

WEEK 3 Level 1 preperation week, ski improvement, running gates, racing against you colleagues for fun. Learning how to deal with steep and deep terrain as well as tree runs. Teaching practice with your colleagues. Weekend free time to study.

WEEK 4 Level 1 CSIA exam this week. Good luck everyone. First aid course on the Sunday

WEEK 5 Free ski week giving you some time off from training. First Aid Course on the Thursday. Weekend is the Avalanche awareness course giving you AST level one certification upon successful completion.

WEEK 6 Level 2 instructor training starts with a week of ski improvement. By now you will be skiing to a better standard and be pushed to your limits by the trainers. Week end off.

WEEK 7 Continuation of ski improvement focusing on individual skills. Ski Instructor training focusing on techniques and drills to help you understand skier types. On and off piste terrain. Weekend free time to let it all sink in..

WEEK 8 Practise teaching amongst your peers by delivering mock lessons. Further ski improvement focusing on intermediate parallel. Week end off.

WEEK 9 Continuation of instructor training, training your eye to identify skill or balance deficiencies in other skiers. How to plan a good lesson by being focused on a student centred approach. Week end off to let in sink in.

WEEK 10 Preparation week for the level 2 exam. Weekend off to study.

WEEK 11 Level 2 CSIA ski instructor exam. Long weekend.

WEEK 12 Free ski week with option to upgrade to a road trip exploring one of the other BC mountains or enjoy the spring sun and PARTY!