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When Do I Need A Visa

When you obtain your qualification as a ski or snowboard instructor, you may be considering employment in the snowsports industry. Visas are required to work in the ski resorts of Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We have provided a guide to the process of applying for a holiday working visa in these countries.


The eligibility to apply for a holiday working visa are as follows:

  • You are aged between 18 and 30
  • You are a citizen of the UK
  • You hold a UK passport

The Canadian program had 5350 UK places on offer last year. Applications for the Canadian program open on specific dates so we recommended to visit the website to know when the application process opens. Applications for the New Zealand and Australian schemes are currently open.

General Visa Requirements

Each Country differs slightly

  • A police check
  • UK passport
  • Proof of health-care insurance once application is approved
  • Proof of funds for intended stay usually in the form of a current bank statement. Canada $2500. NZ $350 per month. Australia $5000
  • Proof of departure ticket or funds to purchase one
  • Medical exam and chest x-ray

Snow Rehab Visa Tips

Each country issue two, one year visas giving you the opportunity to travel and work in your selected country for up to two years. Holiday working visas allow newly qualified instructors the opportunity to obtain the necessary work experience.There may also be a sponsored working visas offered to instructors with experience. This can be obtained from a ski or snowboard instructor course. Planning and preparation prevents the possibility of not obtaining a visa. Prepare your paperwork early in preparation for the Canadian application date to give you the best chance of obtaining your holiday working visa.

Application Fees

Canada – $150 – Approx £90

New Zealand- £85

Australia – $280 – Approx £190

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